Video Cameras And Digital Video Recorder Solutions


The “Flare ™” camera family is ideal for industrial inspection and high-speed image capturing.

These high-speed and high-resolution cameras use CMOS sensors with a very high dynamic range.

The following connectors are available:

  • CameraLinK
  • CoaxPress
  • 3G-SDI


The “DVR Express® Core” family are video recorders that allow quick and uncompressed recording on SSDs from one or more video cameras.

Most of the connectors and interfaces market currents are available.


Our low-cost “2nd Look” software and your advanced “Streams ™ 7” software offer flexible solutions for your PC video recording application.

Recording Packages

If you want a simple, integrated solution with our high-resolution Cameras from the “Flare ™” range and a high-performance video recording from the “DVR Express®” family, you can choose one of our packages.