En partenariat avec I-care Group (Plus de 250 personnes à l’internationale) :

Vibration analysis

Production line, pomp, gearbox, …

Vibration analysis equipment’s to detect early many defects for instance bearing fault, imbalances or misalignment, …


Specific vibration analysis for machines-tools, spindle, gearbox, ….

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging service mechanical an electrical inspection,

  • Energy losses
  • Gas leak detection

Ultrasound inspection (SDT)

  • Pressurized air or steam leak
  • Steam trap inspection
  • Lubrication optimization
  • High voltage electrical inspection
  • Lubrication optimization tools
  • Desiccator (moisture removing)
  • Oil filtering
MCA measurement (Motor Circuit Analysis)

Electrical spectral measurement of electrical motors to detect all electrical imperfection and power quality.

Corrective Technology

Imbalances and misalignment corrective service.